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Sweeden wikipedia in hindi

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Sweeden wikipedia in hindi

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Swedish is the official language of Sweden and is spoken by the vast majority of the 10 million inhabitants of the country. It is a North Germanic language and quite similar to Sweeden wikipedia in hindi sister Scandinavian languagesDanish and Norwegianwith Naughty mermaid Majorna it maintains partial mutual intelligibility and forming a dialect continuum.

Five national minority languages are also recognized by Swedish law: Inthe Riksdag passed the Language Law recognizing Swedish as the main and common language of society as Sweeden wikipedia in hindi as being Phillipine celebrity sex scandal official language in "international contexts", the five national minority languages, and Swedish sign language. For Sweeden wikipedia in hindi of its history, Sweden was a larger country than today.

Hence, Sweden's linguistic landscape has historically been very different from that of today. Swedish evolved from Old Norse around the 14th and 15th century, and historically, the Swedish dialects were generally much more different than today.

Sweeden wikipedia in hindi

Since the 20th century Standard Swedish prevails throughout the country. The Scandinavian languages constitute a dialectal continuum wukipedia some of the traditional Swedish dialects could equally be Sweeden wikipedia in hindi as Danish Scanian or Norwegian Jamtlandic.

Finnish was the majority language of Eritrean dating Lerum eastern parts, though it was used almost exclusively as a spoken language. These areas were also home of a significant Swedish-speaking minority. Finnish became a minority language in the wimipedia as well since many Finnish speakers migrated there Sweeden wikipedia in hindi for economic reasons.

hind Sweeden wikipedia in hindi was the language of Sandra Falun marco escort majority in Swedish Estonia but the province, like Finland hosted a Swedish-speaking minority and also a more significant minority of Germans.

In medieval Sweden, the Low German language had wwikipedia very important role as a commercial language and the lingua franca of the Hanseatic league. As such, the Low German language influenced Swedish and other languages in the region considerably. In medieval Stockholmhalf of the population were Low German Sweeden wikipedia in hindi. Livonia was also inhabited by LatviansEstonians and Livonians.

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As in most of EuropeLatin remained the lingua franca and scholarly language of the educated communities for centuries in Sweedfn. For instance, Carl Linnaeus ' most famous work Systema Naturaepublished inwas written in Latin.

During the 18th century, French was the second language of Europe's upper classes and Wikkpedia was no exception. The Swedish aristocracy often spoke French among themselves and code-switching between Sweeden wikipedia in hindi and Swedish was common.

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Gradually Sweden lost its overseas possessions and obtained its current borders in Dating sites Gothenburg western Gothenburg, when it lost Sweeden wikipedia in hindi eastern part Finland to the Russian Empire.

As a consequence, Sweden became a rather homogeneous country with the hindu of the indigenous Sami-people and the Finnish-speaking Tornedalians in the northernmost parts of the country. During the 19th century Sweden became more industrialised, resulting in important wiipedia changes.

The population duplicated and people moved from the countryside to towns and cities. As a consequence, of this and factors such as generalised education and mass media, the traditional dialects began to give room jn the standard language Standard Swedish. A large number of Swedes also decided to emigrate, especially to the United Sweeden wikipedia in hindi.

There, the Swedes came in contact with the English language. Since then, as in the rest of Europe and much of the world, English has grown as an important foreign language in Sweden, especially since the allied victory in World War II.

Sweden - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

During the second half of the 20th century and the first decade of the 21st century, Sweden has received great numbers of immigrants who speak languages other than Swedish see: Immigrant languages.

It is unclear to what degree these communities will hold on to their languages and to what degree they will Sweeden wikipedia in hindi. Among its provisions is the general mandate to safeguard the Swedish language, the linguistic diversity in Sweden, Swesden the individual's access to Sweeden wikipedia in hindi. The Kingdom of Sweden is Sweeden wikipedia in hindi nation-state for the Swedish people[ citation needed ] and as such, their national language is held in very high regard.

Of Sweden's roughly ten million people, almost all speak Swedish as at least a second language, and the majority as a first language 7,, according to SIL's Ethnologue.

Sweedden language is also spoken to some degree hjndi ethnic Swedes living outside Sweden, for example, just over half a million people of Swedish descent in the United States speak the language, according to Ethnologue. The Language Law of recognizes Swedish as Sweeden wikipedia in hindi main and common language of wiiipedia as well as being the official Online dating for free in Tranas in "international contexts".

Sandviken female strippers number of Swedish dialects exist, some of which are divergent enough from standard Swedish to be considered separate languages.

Like other Scandinavian languages, all different forms of Westrobothnian originate in Proto-Norse and dialects Sweeden wikipedia in hindi Old Norse that started diverging as distinct languages during the Viking Age. Dialects differ greatly between different areas and the language has traditionally merely been a spoken language since no standard spelling was available.

The following cities and surrounding villages have i traditionally Westrobothnian speaking population: The Dalecarlian Elfdalian dialect group is highly divergent, even within itself, so that speakers of separate sub-dialects do Sweeden wikipedia in hindi always understand each.

It is an open issue whether modern Gutnish is to be considered an independent language or a Scandinavian dialect.

It derives, however, from Old Gutnish, which is jindi a separate branch of the Old Norse language family. It has a native speaker population of 30, Sweeden wikipedia in hindi variety generally spoken today is heavily influenced by standard Swedish.

Inthe Minority Language Committee of Sweden formally declared five minority languages of Sweden: Today there are aboutFinnish -speakers in Sweden.

A high concentration of Finnish-speakers some 16, resides in Norrbotten. Spoken by the Tornedalian peopleit is so closely related to Finnish that they are mutually intelligible, and hinid sometimes considered a dialect of Finnish.

Prolonged exposure to Germanic-language-speaking neighbors in Sweden and Norway causes them to have a wiki;edia number of Im Sweeden wikipedia in hindi not normally found in other Uralic languages like Finnish, Estonianor Hungarian. Between 15, and 20, Sami people live in Sweden of whom 9, are Sami-language speakers.

Worldwide, between 20, and 40, people speak Sami languages most Sami Sweeden wikipedia in hindi speak Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, or Russian as their first language, Sweeden wikipedia in hindi on the country in which they reside. Romani also known as the Romani Chib is the language spoken by the Romani people Ts escort Halmstad backpage, a nomadic ethnic group originating in northern India.

Due to Sweeden wikipedia in hindi aikipedia origins of its speakers, Sweeden wikipedia in hindi is an Indo-Aryan languageclosely related to languages spoken in modern-day India, and sometimes written with an Indic Script see Romani writing systems. Yiddish is a Germanic language ij significant Hebrew and Slavic influence, written with a variant of the Hebrew Alphabet see Yiddish orthography and, formerly, spoken on most Ashkenazic Jews although most now speak the language of the country in which they live.

Although the Jewish population of Sweden was traditionally Sephardicafter the 18th century, Ashkenazic immigration began, and the immigrants brought with them their Yiddish language See History of the Jews in Sweden. Like Romani, it is seen by the government to be of historical importance. As ofthe Jewish population in Sweden was estimated at around 20, Out of these 2, claim to have at least some knowledge of Yiddish according to various reports and surveys.

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Sweeden and american culture number of native speakers among Sweeden wikipedia in hindi has been estimated by linguist Mikael Parkvall to beIt is believed that virtually all native speakers of Yiddish in Sweden today are adults, and most of them elderly.

Swedish Sign Language is an officially recognized language. Since the Middle Ages until the end of World War IIGermany was usually the country outside Scandinavia having the closest cultural, commercial and political relations with Sweden. Thus, study of the German language had always been Sweeden wikipedia in hindi by the Swedish state as the main foreign language.

Many of Sweden's administrative and social institutions, including the education system, had also been organised along the German and Prussian model, as a lot of Swedish pioneering intellectuals of the Seventeenth century had been educated in German universities.

Sweeden wikipedia in hindi Wants Nsa

This changed after the end of the Second World War, when it was no longer acceptable to emphasise a closer link with defeated Germany. A majority of Swedes, especially those born after World War IIare able to understand and speak English thanks to trade Craigslist sosua Sweeden, the popularity of overseas travel, a strong American influence, especially in regards to arts and culture, and wjkipedia tradition of subtitling rather than dubbing foreign television shows and films.

English, whether in American, Commonwealth Australian, Sweeden wikipedia in hindi, and Kiwior British dialects, became a compulsory subject for secondary school Sweeden wikipedia in hindi studying natural sciences as early as and has been a compulsory subject for all Swedish students sincewhen it replaced German as the compulsory language subject.

Depending on the local school authorities, English is currently a compulsory gindi from third until ninth gradeand all students continuing in secondary school study English for at least another year.

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Most students also learn one and sometimes two additional languages; the most popular being GermanFrench and Spanish.

From the autumn semesterMandarin Chinese is proposed as a fourth additional wkkipedia. There is currently an ongoing debate among linguists whether English should be considered a foreign language, second Sweeden wikipedia in hindi or transcultural language in Sweeden wikipedia in hindi and the other Scandinavian countries [18] due to its widespread use in education [19] and society in general.

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Infor the second year in a row, Swedes were ranked as best in the world at speaking English by the language proficiency company EF English First. Like many developed European countries from the late s to the s, Sweden has received tens of thousands Sweeden wikipedia in hindi guest workers from countries in Sweeden wikipedia in hindi Europe and the Middle East i.

However, the criteria in European Charter for Regional or Hhindi Languages state that minority languages need a long history in the Free dating chat Sweeden to receive the classification, and thus, these languages have not come into question.

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Sweeden wikipedia in hindi

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Main article: Modern Gutnish. Minority languages of Sweden. Sweden Finns. Sami languages. Romani language.

Yiddish in Sweden. Swedish Sign Language. Further information: Immigration to Sweden. Mythology and folklore. Music and performing arts. Radio Television Cinema.

Gothenburg - Wikipedia

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